Fair Grapes

Grapes in this trial are evaluated as good, fair, and reject.

Describing taste is admittedly personally subjective:
unsatisfactory, poor, fair, tasty, very tasty, delicious, best.


Red Wine

Geneva Red (Red Wine)
Fair bland taste, healthy berries, heavy mildew on leaves, reportedly makes good wine

(Red Wine)
Anthracnose and Black Rot vary each year from mild to heavy, grapes are very tasty and said to make good wine

(Red Wine)
Taste is fair, somewhat diseased, said to make good wine

White Wine 

Frontenac Gris (White Wine)
Semi-healthy but not very tasty fresh nor as wine


Kay Gray (Table/Freeze/Juice/Jam)
Healthy but fair to poor taste fresh, not for wine making

Large berries, fair taste somewhat tart, 25% disease loss

Somerset Seedless
Tiny berries, tasty, uneven ripening, variable disease loss